This is blog that aims at bringing together diverse and independent discourses on Xinjiang and Uyghurs.

Comments, opinions, and contributions are appreciated.



  1. anar says:

    very good start I would say , even though I personally not really like the name Xinjiang , which I would prefer to say North West China . There are a few other English blogs talking about Uyghur issues . I used to have this iead of combining the problems in Uyghur area in the context of China , International relation , Human Rights and other emerging issues which affects the people who are now living there . Would come back often for exchanging ideas and learning your perspectives . Rehmet !

  2. thank you for encouraging. your comments are very constructive. we did a lot field work in XJ and we do have many Chinese sources including 兵团年鉴. however, we won’t be able to present all these sources here since the e-forum and the blog are for general readers who have no knowledge of xinjiang and want to know something about xj. also, ugyular friends may not like xj, but xj itself is a colonial name and term, reminding the colonial status of the region. also, it would not offend Han readers too much for we need a dialogue to improve the situation there.

    Rehmet yene.

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