Who truely care about Uyghur refugees in Thailand? They do

Posted: 2014年04月30日 in Original Thoughts

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Last month, Thai Southern Court sentenced all adult male Uyghur refugees to pay fine and to be detained for their smugglling into Thailand. Women and children have been kept in a center. During this hard time for the Uyghur, many agencies and organizations have expressed concern over the safety of the group including the Turkish ambassy to Thailand and UNHCR.

Other organizations and individuals have provided much needed daily assistance. Among them, Asia Resource Foundation (despite of their limited resource) has provided cloth, meals, baby milk, and etc.

The founder of Asia Resource Foundation is scheduled a visit to NYC and DC in mid-May and will be hosted by two NGOs in DC area. Those who are truely care about the Uyghurs and those who want to know more about the Uyghurs in Thailand would have a wonderful opportunity to meet the representative of this organization during his stay in DC from May 16 to May 19.

Here is the schedule for those who want to meet this gentleman in DC area:

He will arraive to DC in May 16 and will be available in the evening that day. He is invited to an interreligious dialogue NGO near Dullas Airport and to meet Muslim group in Silver Spring on Saturday (17th). He is also invited to meet a Bangladesh community on Sunday noon or evening and he would have some time in the morning on Sunday (18th). Before his departure from DC on Monday, he would be available in the morning (19th).

Let’s show use respect for his organization and hospitality to this gentleman, pls join with us to meet him and learn more about the Uyghurs detained in Thailand.


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