Understanding Xinjiang: Han and Uyghur Perspectives

Posted: 2012年04月14日 in Original Thoughts

Recent developments and dynamics in Xinjiang and neighboring regions call for diverse and multiple views and opinions on the complexity of the Xinjiang issue. For promoting better understanding of the Xinjiang issue, Xinjiang Research Institute and other organizations are to sponsor an interactive and engaging conversation and dialogue between concerned Han and Uyghurs from all sectors or fields in greater D.C. area.

Xinjiang Research Institute aims to compensate the lack of discourse on the governmental level with regard to the Uyghur and Xinjiang issues, it believes that the Han-Uyghur conservation/dialogue is the first step to open a public space for the discussion and even resolution of the issue in the future.

Conversations /dialogues will take place for 6-8 consecutive sessions between July and August at 1901 North Ft. Myer Dr., Arlington (two blocks from Rosslyn Metro Station) and we will adjust the schedule of the event according to the availability of participants.

During conversation, participants will address significant themes and issues, explore misunderstanding, stereotypes, and prejudice, and share experiences. If you are concerned Han and Uyghur interested in Xinjiang, please contact xinjiangreview@gmail.com for further information


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