A Beauty Uyghur architect and the demolishing of the Uyghur community

Posted: 2011年02月2日 in Original Thoughts

Recently, a Uyghur lady has become a “beauty architect” or  美女建筑师  popular in Chinese cyber World.  She is known to the cyber world is because of a blogger who is the organizer of CAMA (China Architecture Media Awards, 中国建筑传媒奖).(e.g., http://www.canadameet.com/news/china/2010/1217/50127.html).The organizer is surprised when he knew that a candidate recommended from Xinjiang is merely a 26-year old beautiful lady and wrote a blog. Obviously one of the reasons why she’s gaining popularity in Chinese web world is because of her Central Asian beauty as the report titles indicate (that often bear beauty or 美女).  Another important reason for her popularity is her achievement in architecture.  Interesting enough, her architecture achievement is timely associated with the ongoing re-construction or renovation of the old Uyghur community in Kashgar.

According to concise biography available on webs, she was born in 1984 and began to work for 新疆建筑设计院 (Xinjiang Institute of Construction Designing ?)  in 2008 after graduating from Dalian.   She is highlighted to have involved in the project on reconstructing old Uyghur town of Kashagar (especially the Ahuo street 阿霍街).  It is reported that she is involved in the Kashagr Uyghur town renovation.  She changed and/or corrected (?) 修改 more than 300 hundred details (细节) and made local resident very happy).  It is unclear what specific suggestions or contribution she made to this project.  What is clear, however, is that the Chinese state attempts to make people believe that the Ughurs (especially professional architects like her) have participated in the project and the project turns out to be great (in contrast and response to foreign criticisms) that it won prize from China Architecture Media Awards


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